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Pre-write for Scholarship Essay Success

Many academic scholarship applications ask for a sample essay, or several, and writing each one from scratch will be time-consuming. Pre-writing your essays will save you time and frustration, and allow you to apply for more scholarships. But how will you know what to write? Well, most applications ask for, generally, the same information. By preparing several short essays in three categories, you can complete the application process in a relatively short amount of time.

Joshua Hancock, from Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society and Collegefish (February 27, 2014), Provided some helpful tips on preparing for the scholarship application. Hancock suggested that students should write three paragraphs of 250-300 words each to have on hand. These paragraphs can be arranged several ways depending on the scholarship requirements.

1. Academics - Write a paragraph that addresses your academic success and challenges. What kind of classes have you taken? Were they challenging? Who or why not? What is your GPA? Explain any low GPA circumstances.

2. Volunteering, Leadership, & Service - Write a paragraph that addresses how you make the world a better place. What social change have you assisted with? How have you enhanced your community? Be sure to include any volunteering you have done with your family or children. Also, include clubs, organizations, and any offices held.

3. Personal Story - Write a paragraph that addresses something that had defined you as a person. This could be a tragic, or uplifting event. How did you overcome this obstacle? How has this event made you the person you are today?

Once you have your paragraphs written, look for support from your family, friends, advisors, teachers, etc. Ask for help in proofreading and editing your paragraphs, and save digital copies. When you are ready to complete the scholarship application, your paragraphs will only need minor editing to fit the requirements. Edit, copy, paste, and submit!

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